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  • New Dawn Enterprises

    New Dawn Enterprises was founded in 1976 and their mission is to create a self-reliant culture. It is the oldest Community Development Corporation in Canada. New Dawn is both a business and a social development program. The goal of New Dawn is to seek and identify community needs and gaps then establish ventures that meet and speak to the needs identified. Around 175 volunteers altogether assists around 600 Cape Bretoners everyday through the various projects and companies. Read more here

  • Building our Social Future 2013-2022

    Richmond, BC created this social development strategy plan because there is a desire to create an inclusive, engaged and caring community. The city recognizes existing community social issues and would like to develop capacity to be able to meet the growing needs of the community and its population. With this plan in place, Richmond,BC. is trying to increase their social development within the community. Read more here

  • 2015-2019 Social Development Plan

    Drayton Valley, AB is a small community west of Edmonton. A social development strategy was created in 2015. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of a community and help provide a good community for all future generations. Drayton Valley worked in collaboration with citizens, organizations and government to create this strategy plan which is balanced.Read more here/

  • The Killarney Foundation

    The Killarney Foundation founded in 1979, is a fund which seeks to provide grants with the assistance from the board of directors which is made up of local Killarney residents. The mission of this fund is to support cultural, mental, physical well-being purposes for the betterment of the citizens in Killarney. View more

  • Immigrants Working Centre

    The primary focus of Immigrants Working Canada is to welcome new Canadians and supporting their full social, civic and economic participation in their new city. This organization has been doing work for 25 years. The IWC is the only group in Hamilton dedicated to supporting Canadas newcomers with their services, there are four offices within Hamilton. The Centre is committed to enabling refugees and immigrants through skills development and settlement support. More information here

  • The Stop

    The Stop Community Food Centre is an organization that for over 30 years has provides healthy food and builds skills, hope and community. The Stop is not your average food bank, it is a place that people can go to and work on skills, get their hands dirty in a community garden, has family supports and engagement for all ages. The stop is located in the core of Downtown Toronto which allows for a lot of users within the community.

  • Maggies Place

    Maggie’s Place is a welcoming organization open to parents and children as a place for social activities, it provides supports for prenatal/postnatal, playgroups, workshops and other programs. There are two locations in Nova Scotia, one in Truro and the sister site in Amherst. Both of these locations offer all the same supports and programs for parents and adults, it is a place that people can enjoy as a home away from home. Click here for more

  • L'Arche Homefliers

    L’arche Canada is a nationwide organization, L’arche Homefires began in Wolfville Nova Scotia in 1981. There are 5 homes in the area that are run from within this organization. The members are from many different faith backgrounds and welcome incomers. It is for people with intellectual disabilities and would like a space to be themselves and learn many different life skills. The mission is to support and provide guidance to people by living together, cooking, celebrating, shopping and meal preparations. Read more here

  • Bedford-Sackville Learning Network

    The Bedford-Sackville Learning Network (BSLN) is an adult literacy program. Any adult that wishes to improve their reading, writing, spelling, math, computer basics and life skills can attend the free classes that BSLN provides. There are a three requirements to participate in the classes, such as: must be out of school for at least 1 year, over 19 years of age, and live in the Bedford-Sackville area. Read more here

  • Canada Games Centre

    This fitness facility was built in 2011 for the Winter Canada Games in Halifax. Their mission is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by providing the opportunities and access to sports and recreation to all levels. The Canada Games Centre (CGC) is driven by passion, leadership and teamwork and wants to provide a place for the community to come together and be healthy and active.

  • Shelter Nova Scotia

    Shelter Nova Scotia is a support for individuals in times of need and transition. They are committed to two very important goals: ending homelessness one person at a time and helping individuals make the change from a correctional facility to community living. Shelter Nova Scotia has many shelters across the province, both for men and women providing essential care for both. Providing resources and assistance to anyone who may require it.

  • Hope Blooms

    Originating in 2008, Jessie Jollymore saw a need for a community project in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. There was a lack of healthy eating habits.Incomes Hope Blooms, a community garden which has made an incredible name for itself, helped the community in so many more ways that one can explain.A community driving initiative which has amounted to more than anyone could have ever anticipated. Click here for more information

Key Concepts

Promoting Resilience

Torjman (2007) suggests that shared places help to promote strong and vibrant communities because it helps to build resilient communities capable of prospering in times of adversity. By bringing together people, a foundation for engagement is provided whereby which people can find common understanding. From this engagement and understanding, we are able to work towards common goals to help further support and build stronger communities. Shared spaces present great opportunities for great discussion. (Torjman, S. (2007). Shared Space: The Communities Agenda. ON: The Caledon Institute of Social Policy) .

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Importance of Place

The concept of shared and public spaces is rooted in the notion of place. Whether it be the physical space in which we live or emotional place, place provides meaning and belonging in our daily lives. Places are the foundation upon which a network for people can be built. The importance of place takes significance when we think about well-being and development; quality of places and their attributes impacts our health, social cohesion, and economic welfare (Torjman, S. (2007). Shared Space: The Communities Agenda. ON: The Caledon Institute of Social Policy).

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Social Capital

The purpose of shared spaces is to bring people together, they are a location whereby which human interaction occurs. The way a place is planned ultimately impacts community health as increased social activity helps to foster an environment of support, security and trust. The socio-spatial attributes associated with these places help create unique spaces for community gatherings. Regardless of their size or geometry, public spaces serve as a means of community development and social development creating and reinforcing social bonds among people. (Friedman, A. (2014). Planning Small and Mid-Sized Towns. NY: Routledge).

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